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Avida Southfield Settings Calamba City

Avida Southfield Settings Nuvali Overview

Property Developer: Avida Land
Project Location: Calamba City, Laguna
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 53 sqm to 88 sqm
Price Range: Php 4.7M - Php 6.3M

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Avida Southfield Settings NUVALI rolls out the green mat for sublime and tranquil family living

And who would have thought, given that you are still fairly close to the Metro Manila, capital of the Philippines and one of the busiest urban and most densely populated centers across South East Asia. It only takes around an hour to get there by car. That is to say if you are living at Avida Southfields Settings.

A healthy outlook on life

Taking a healthy attitude towards personal and family life, as well as the professional life, can be looked at philosophically or holistically, depending on your current outlook or aspirations which have to do with making positive changes in your life. The Avida Southfields Settings NUVALI project wishes to include the typical twenty first century young Filipino family at all times. In keeping with this healthy outlook to family life, an abundance of surrounding greenery embraces the freshly designed modern to contemporary homes.

The developer’s conviction in providing young families with every opportunity to life a healthy and green life is physically evident in terms of the type of amenities that have been included to this housing project. 

Motivations for moving into the Southfield Settings

Here is just one motivation for family-centered investors to ponder upon in the meantime. Perhaps living in congested urban environments for far too long has heightened new aspirations and expectations. In all seriousness, most family heads want nothing more than to provide their young families with peaceful and safe living environments. This is being said seriously in light of current anxieties to do with high crime rates these days.

Fortunately, a tough top-down approach is already being taken in addressing the cities’ unfortunately high crime rates. But it isn’t only legislatively appointed leaders that are providing the welcome vigilance. Private stakeholders are also very much involved. Avida Land is one of the many stakeholders willing to stand up and be counted in helping to create safe living environments for decent and hardworking Filipino families.

The Developer’s Mission

Avida Land’s mission does not just include the customers. It includes their partners and shareholders too. It also includes their staff. Because is it not true that one great entrepreneur once said that if you take good care of your staff, they will, in turn, be more than happy to provide for the customers. Speaking of those customers, the developer’s mission remains that of creating amenable and amicable living communities with middle income families as their target markets.

The developer’s reputation, on the other hand, includes the consistent provision of sustainable developments across the board. Avida Land have become standard bearers in regard to inviting all stakeholders to take more care of their living and working environments. Speaking of which, staff operate in stable work environments. This is driven by the incentives to be active team members, utilize initiative and always communicate openly.

Giving domestic bliss the soft, feminine touch

The soft feminine touch, always effective in providing families with their domestic bliss, comes by way of model homes that have all been given their distinctive female names. Let us introduce you then to Celine, Macy and Trista. Celine is the smallest girl here while Trista is the larger than life matron.

Domestic bliss is further enriched through the communal settlement’s natural surroundings. Soft, undulating terrain and green spaces are part of the breath taking views that mothers, fathers and their children will be waking up to every morning. Just to reassure you, these natural surroundings are safely secured.

House and Floor Plans

The settlements are not closeted and no-one is entrapped. In the morning, everyone must head off to work and school. The location of the Southfield development is in close proximity to SLEX, allowing residents access to the main city through several exits. On a property covering nearly one hundred and thirty square meters, Celine has a floor space of approximately fifty square meters.

On a lot area of approximately one hundred and forty square meters, Trista has floor space of nearly ninety square meters. Macy’s property size is the same as Celine but it has nearly seventy square meters of floor space available. All this comes on a plot development area of twenty five hectares. One hectare of this development has been dedicated to recreational and outdoor amenities.

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2 Bedrooms ₱ 5,000,000 Floor Area - 53 sqm

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